Concerns of large numbers of older kids flooding the commercial blocks of 53rd Street once again were quelled by peaceful celebrations for Halloween night in Hyde Park Chicago.

Resident and community leader Bennie Currie joined Hyde Park Collabooration volunteers to create a visible presence around the neighborhood – standing on the street, handing out candy and encouraging the kids to have a good time.

Photo by Marc Monaghan

Ultra-talented vibraphonist, composer and producer Thaddeus Tukes and the Chicago Freedom Ensemble, who partnered with the Collabooration effort, assembled their brass instruments and drums to create a remarkable performance and festive atmosphere on 53rd Street.

With special thanks to three violence interrupter groups, Watchguard Chicago, Excons for Community and Social Change and GoodKids MadCity, the conflicts between teens were few and far between and addressed with appropriate, not excessive, attention.

The concerted effort between community leaders, aldermanic offices, parents, volunteers, violence interrupters, local performers, and businesses helped rebuild and maintain a safe holiday atmosphere without the need for law enforcement intervention.

Hyde Park Herald reported, “Harper Avenue returned to its pre-pandemic Halloween popularity Monday evening, Oct. 31 as several thousand people trick-or-treated along its 5700 and 5800 blocks.”

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