While many of us have seen the inconveniences and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t overlook heroism and resiliency of our local business owners and how much Hyde Park cares!

Kelly Milan at the Hyde Park Herald recently spotlighted how restaurants in Hyde Park have banded together through initiatives like the Kenwood Food Project and Feeding Frontliners to provide meals to medical workers and first responders.

In Downtown Hyde Park Chicago, Special Service Area #61, ingenuity and community leadership has been readily apparent and appreciated from our essential frontliners.

Chef Erick Williams at Virtue Restaurant stands out for his efforts to feed teams at UChicago hospital and collaborations with Toys Et Cetera and 57th Street Books for the Get up and Give holiday toy drive.

Downtown Hyde Park’s 53rd Street also saw Chant and Rajun Cajun team up to support frontliners at UChicago hospital staff with 150 meals.

But you can’t stop there. Continue down the street to Kimbark Plaza and you will find that Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen has been part of those efforts, and owner Amer Abdullah says his restaurant is now shifting to also provide meals to people in need. 

“The strategy we use is unique,” said Abdullah. “We are asking people in Hyde Park and elsewhere to donate to Cedars, and your money won’t go into our pockets. We will actually use the money to make meals. We will use 100% of that money to make meals and deliver those meals to the hospitals.” 

To date, Cedars has fed over 2,000 first responders, served four police districts and 10 hospitals. Recently, Cedars served 150 meals at the Winter Wonderland event in Englewood, according to Abdullah.

This month, Cedars will also begin working with Big Shoulders Fund to serve 150 meals for families in need.

Visit eatcedars.com to order from the restaurant. Donate to frontline workers at eatcedars.com/supporting-frontliners.

Click to read the entire Hyde Park Herald article about Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen.

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