Downtown Hyde Park Chicago is definitely a dining destination. While the Special Service Area #61 has branded its specific footprint Downtown Hyde Park, locals know that there’s a nice selection of places to grab and go or dine in throughout the neighborhood.

Eater Chicago recently featured a few notables from 53rd to 57th St. in their May 5th release of Where to Eat in Hyde Park.

  1. Nella Pizza e Pasta (55th)
  2. Cedars Mediterranean
  3. Plein Air Cafe
  4. The Soul Shack
  5. Virtue Restaurant
  6. Chant Restaurant
  7. La Petite Folie
  8. Ascione Bistro
  9. Ja’ Grill Hyde Park
  10. Valois Cafeteria
  11. 14 Parish
  12. Sip and Savor 53rd


“There’s much more to Hyde Park than its reputation of being the residence of former President Barack Obama as well as the home to the prestigious University of Chicago. It’s also a thriving restaurant community with plenty of culturally diverse offerings, enough to feed the more than 22,000 residents as well as others commuting to the South Side neighborhood.

What are the hot spots as well as classic places to dine in Hyde Park? They vary from old-school diner Valois to the award-winning, Southern-focused Virtue.” – Audarshia Townsend

The best thing about Eater Chicago’s hot list is that it gets you started but it doesn’t end there. Downtown Hyde Park Chicago has so much to offer that we can’t name every location. But we won’t let that stop us from pointing out these recommendations:

  1. Jade Court (in Harper Court)
  2. Southside Ken’s Chinese Cuisine (1611 E 55th)
  3. The Budlong Hot Chicken (1301 E 53rd)
  4. Can’t Believe it’s Not Meat (1368 E 53rd)
  5. Jolly Pumpkin (5215 S. Harper Ave)
  6. Litehouse Whole Food Grill (1660 E 55th)
  7. Rajun Cajun (1459 E 53rd)
  8. Mesler Kitchen (Sophy Hotel 1401 E 53rd)

Hyde Park is already excited to welcome sweetgreen and Small Cheval to 53rd Street, adding even more fantastic options to tempt your taste buds.

So it’s official. Downtown Hyde Park is a dining destination. And it’s also a great environment to work several job opportunities in food and hospitality services.

We invite you to try a new place or a comfortable old spot, tip your waiters and servers well, and follow us (FB, IG, TW) and let us know about your experiences in social media. #SSA61 #DHPChicago

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